The participants of the LUMI network are working with the long term goal to develop decision support systems, which will be capable of providing aid in clinical decision-making. The efforts are focused to the three clinical areas, heart disease, cancer and dementia.


Databases. Vast medical databases in digital form can now be developed. These large information resources are important for creating and controlling high- quality decision support systems.

Image Analysis. Advanced image analysis techniques to extract stable and relevant features from the medical images are important in the development of decision support systems.

Artificial Intelligence. Techniques such as artificial neural networks in combination with the rapid development of computer hardware make it possible to develop more accurate decision support systems than would have been possible only a few years ago.

User Interface. Software intended for health care professionals needs to be carefully designed in order to reach acceptance in clinical routine.

Medical Evaluation. Independent evaluation of the decision support systems developed in the project is of vital importance. LUMI has a network of clinical test sites, both at university hospitals and local hospitals.

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